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Dra. Marie Bedos -
Investigador posdoctoral

Edificio Principal, Cubículo o laboratorio: 132, Instituto de Neurobiología - UNAM, Boulevard Juriquilla 3001, Juriquilla, Querétaro, México, México


Research Interest

  1. Molecular mecanisms involving opioids that modulate the sexual behavior of male rats

Most Recent Publications

1. Bedos M., Antaramian A., Gonzalez-Gallardo A., Paredes R. , Paced mating increases the expression of μ opioid receptor in the ventromedial hypothalamus, Behavioral Brain Research , November 2018; 359, 401-407 online

2. Bedos M., Portillo W., Paredes R. , Neurogenesis and sexual behavior, Frontiers In Neuroendocrinology, October 2018; 51, 68-79 online

3. Mendieta E.S., Delgadillo J.A., Flores J.A., Flores M.J., Nandayapa E., Vélez L.I., Zarazaga L.A., Bedos M., Terrazas A., Hernández H., Subtropical goats ovulate in response to the male effect after a prolonged treatment of artificial long days to stimulate their milk yield, Reproduction in domestic animals, April 2018; 53, 955-962 online

4. Araya, J., Bedos, M., Duarte, G., Hernández, H., Keller, M. Chemineau, P., Delgadillo, J. A., Maintaining bucks over 35 days after a male effect improves pregnancy rate in goats, Animal Production Science, October 2017; 57(10), 2066-2071 online

5. Muñoz A.L., Chesneau D., Hernández H., Bedos M., Duarte G., Vielma J., Zarazaga L.A., Chemineau P., Keller M., Delgadillo, J. A., Sexually active bucks counterbalance the seasonal negative feedback of estradiol on LH in ovariectomized goats, Domestic Animal Endocrinology, March 2017; 60, 42-49 online