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Research Interest
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Dr. Hiram Luna Munguía
Investigador Asoc. C T.C.

Laboratorio C-13, Instituto de Neurobiología - UNAM, Boulevard Juriquilla 3001, Juriquilla, Querétaro, México, Juriquilla, México

phone: +52 1 (442) 238 10 54   extensión: UNAM 34054


Research Interest

  1. Focal cortical dysplasia
  2. Identification of structural, chemical, and electrical biomarkers in the epileptic brain.
  3. Involvement of the septo-hippocampal pathway in epilepsy.

Most Recent Publications

1. Zestos AG, Luna-Munguia H, Stacey WC, Kennedy RT., Use and future prospects of in vivo microdialysis for epilepsy studies., ACS Chemical Neuroscience, July 2018

2. Luna-Munguia H, Starski P, Chen W, Gliske S, Stacey WC., Control of in vivo ictogenesis via endogenous synaptic pathways., Scientific Reports, May 2017; 7(1), 1311

3. Santana-Gómez CE, Alcántara-González D, Luna-Munguía H, Bañuelos-Cabrera I, Magdaleno-Madrigal V, Fernández-Mas R, Besio W, Rocha L., Transcranial focal electrical stimulation reduces the convulsive expression and amino acid release in the hippocampus during pilocarpine-induced status epilepticus in rats., Epilepsy and Behavior, August 2015; 49, 33-39

4. Santana-Gomez CE, Alcantara-Gonzalez D, Luna-Munguia H, Banuelos-Cabrera I, Magdaleno-Madrigal V, Tamayo M, Rocha LL, Besio WG., Transcranial focal electrical stimulation reduces seizure activity and hippocampal glutamate release during status epilepticus., Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc, August 2015; 2015, 6586-9

5. Salvamoser JD, Avemary J, Luna-Munguia H, Pascher B, Getzinger T, Pieper T, Kudernatsch M, Kluger G, Potschka H., Glutamate-Mediated Down-Regulation of the Multidrug-Resistance Protein BCRP/ABCG2 in Porcine and Human Brain Capillaries, Molecular Pharmaceutics, June 2015; 12(6), 2049-2060